Send us your ideas

The easiest way for you to send us anything from your computer is via wetransfer to our email address,


wetransfer is a file transfer system. It’s really simple to use, below is a step by step guide of how to send us something.

  1. Go to

The page will look something like this, don’t worry if the picture is different, it changes every time you visit the site. Click where it says “I agree”.



2. Now you can

  • add your files
  • type in who to send to (
  • type your own email in (you won’t get any spam, just an email to say when it has worked)
  • write us a message about yourself and what you have sent us so we can let the world know who it belongs to


3. Hit “Transfer”.

Sometimes it can take a little while to send, especially if your internet connection isn’t so good. Don’t worry though, it will get to us eventually, just don’t close the page! You can still use the internet as normal if you open a new page in your browser.


We are really excited to see and hear all about what Motherwell means to you. If you just want to share a story you can simple send us an email at too!