Secondary English


The objectives of the session are to review any stories or interviews that may have been collected, to complete one or two interactive creative writing exercises (depending on the amount of work for review), and to launch individual creative work for the future.

Children have been invited to collect reminiscences and stories about Motherwell, by interviewing parents, carers or friends. The class will discuss whatever has been collected, and children will be encouraged to continue with this work.

Depending on the amount of work for review, the class will complete the first or both of the following interactive creative writing exercises:

1. The class is divided into five or six rows of five or six students, depending on the layout of desks. Each row has a sheet of A4 paper. The first student of each row writes a sentence beginning Motherwell is…, at the top of the page, then folds the top of the paper back so that the sentence cannot be read, and passes the paper back to the next person in the row. The next person writes a sentence, similarly folds the paper, and passes it back. The children waiting for the paper to arrive will be encouraged to plan what they wish to write; those who have written their sentence will plan how they would continue their sentence.

The five or six “poems” that result will be discussed from the point of view of content, grammar etc. and the effect of the random juxtapositions of thought. The objective of the exercise is to stimulate creative imagination and to encourage the socially interactive writing outcomes for level three.

2. The class is divided in a similar way. This time the paper is not folded and students are encouraged to follow on from one another in as logical and meaningful a way as possible. The “poems” will be discussed in a similar way to exercise 1 above. The objectives are to stimulate purposeful creativity and to encourage the “empathetic” qualities of writing required at level three.

The children will be invited to complete written creative work about their home town – if they so wish they may use the material they have generated in class as a starting point. This work will be collected and reviewed in the next session.