Secondary – Art

Introduction to the project. Who are we?  Examples of visual art about Motherwell and its surroundings, and works by Lanarkshire artists. Using the streets and the life of Motherwell as inspiration for visual art. Photographs, images and found objects as inspiration.

Compare the following two landscapes –


                          choppy clouds, Lanarkshire           Gordon Wilson, born Glasgow 1968



                Suze, Drome Valley, France     David Donaldson, born in N Lanarkshire (1916-1996)

How realistic are these two landscapes? How would you describe the differences in choice of colour? In what other ways are the two paintings different and similar? Are the paintings recognisable as art from Lanarkshire? If so, why? If not, why not?


Compare the following two still life paintings  –       


     still life with fruit, kettle and wine     Dan Ferguson, born in North Lanarkshire (1910-1992)


       Ma Browns  Sauchiehall Street    David Donaldson, born in North Lanarkshire (1916-1996)

Is one painting more “three dimensional” than the other? If so, how and why? How do the two paintings use light? What do these paintings tell us about the “real lives” behind the still lifes? Who would use these objects, and for what purpose? Do the paintings tell a story? If so, does the story tell us anything about Lanarkshire and its people?


Motherwell is full of interesting buildings, unexpected views and fascinating social situations. You may sketch from life, or use photography to capture the moment.


You may use interesting objects you find associated with Motherwell for inspiration, or collect cuttings to create collages.