Secondary Art


The objectives of the session are to review any visual materials relating to motherwell that may have been collected, to complete a creative exercise in collage, and to launch individual or group creative work for the future.

Children have been invited to collect images and examples of visual art relating to Motherwell. The class will discuss whatever has been collected, and children will be encouraged to continue with this work.

This will be followed by a brief discussion of collage, and how it may be a very “grown up” form of art, expressing personal feelings, aesthetic concepts (like the cubism in Picasso’s collage below), and even commenting on political and social reality (as in both the Picasso and Schwitters collages).

Each student will be given a sheet of A3 paper, magazines and pictures of Motherwell, and access to paper scissors and a glue stick. They will then be invited to create their own collage reflecting their personal feelings about their home town. The exercise is intended to encourage “design for purpose” outcomes related to level three.

Examples of work will be reviewed at the end of the class, and children will be encouraged to produce a piece of individual or group art work related to This Place is Our Place for collection and review during the next session.