Preliminary visit

23rd and 24th March 2017

The main purpose of the visit is to introduce the team to staff of participating schools and where possible to the children, and to hold final discussions about the content of the project.

Although the first classroom visits are 20th and 21st April, it would be helpful if over the Easter Break children could begin to think about how they might set about collecting materials. This could be as simple as finding out which members of the family, if any, have stories to tell or photographs, songs or memories to share.

Letter to parents (subject to approval of the schools).

Dear parent or carer,

North Lanarkshire, …..(school)… and the Tapestry Partnership are working together on a project documenting the life of Motherwell, past and present, and the lives of people who have made their home here.

We warmly invite families and carers to join us. We would be grateful to hear your stories of Motherwell, about how it was in the past and how it has changed. Do you remember the steelworks or the town centre before the roads came? What was it like to go to school in Motherwell in the past? How did people earn their living? What did they do in their spare time?

Do any of you have photographs you are prepared to share with us? Do you remember the songs you used to sing? Do you have a favourite building in Motherwell? Do you have a favourite painting or poem associated with the town?

We also want to hear the stories of families who have arrived in Motherwell from other towns or other parts of the world. What was life like in your previous home? How does it compare to your life now? Do you have favourite songs, poems or pictures that help us to understand what your life was like before.

The life of the town is of course the sum total of the lives of the people who have made it their home.

If you are interested in joining us, there are three different ways you can help;

  1. By sending any materials, photographs, names of songs etc. to school with your child. Wepromise to take good care of everything.
  2. By agreeing to be interviewed by your son or daughter about your memories and stories.
  3. By posting materials and comments on the family page of our website.

Yours faithfully,
signed Head teacher and Tapestry team