this place

thisplaceisourplace relies entirely on the contributions of us, the people of Motherwell. We need you to share your stories, songs, pictures and videos of what Motherwell means to you.

This part of the website is where the uploaded work will go, there will be different pages (for music, sound, photos, drawing, writing, etc) based around different themes, (home, street, park, community, etc) whatever you send in really!

Before sending us your stories, artworks and ideas, it would really help us if you could fill in this quick questionnaire. It helps us understand if the project is useful for you, your families and your community.
 There are three really simple ways you can share what you’ve found and what you’ve made with us.

  1. You can give it to us when we see you!

We’ll be working in Braidhurst and Our Lady’s High Schools with 1st years, and in Muir St., Cathedral, Logans and St. Brendan’s Primary Schools with Primary 7’s. We’ll look after it and make sure it gets put online safely before getting it back to you.

2. You can upload it right here.

Just add a file below, 100MB Max. (It may take little while but it will work!) If it’s a video it might be easier to send it straight to us at

Upload files

3. You can send it in.

We have an office in Glasgow where we work on the project from. If you would like to send us anything at all for the project, our address is…

C/O Tapestry Partnership
106 Hope Street
Floor 2, Suite 2.1
G2 6PH

Or you can email us at