Nurture Groups

Introduction to project. Who are we? Some stories about Motherwell. Stories from team members about N.Lanarkshire. Learning a song related to Motherwell. Introduction to gathering material – collecting stories, reminiscences, photographs, songs from families/carers


We would like you to help us tell the story of Motherwell. You can choose to do it in any, or as many as you want, of the following ways;

By asking your families or carers if they have any picturesphotographs or other mementos (theatre or football programmes, tickets etc.) of life in Motherwell now and in the past, and if so whether they will allow you to bring them to school.

By asking your parents or carers if they have any stories about their lives in Motherwell, now or in the past, that they are prepared to share with you. It would also be interesting to hear the stories of families or carers who came to Motherwell from other towns or countries. You should try to remember these stories so you can write them down or tell them in class.


By asking your family or carers to add information and comments to the family pages of our website.

By using a phone or a camera to take pictures of your favourite buildings or views.


By using a phone or recording machine to record your favourite sounds from Motherwell.

By collecting information about the nature and wildlife of Motherwell, the animals,trees and plants