The objective of the session is to review the songs composed in session 2 and any materials collected by the children in the meantime, and then to move ahead with the song writing project

The session will begin with the songs “I remember the morning” or “It is a quiet town” composed by the classes in Session 2. The class will sing the song and make any additions and amendments necessary to prepare it for recording. 10 minutes

We will then review any materials collected by the children in the last two weeks and decide how to use them creatively or post them on the website etc. 5 minutes

Finally the class will be divided into four song writing groups. If the children have come with new creative ideas, groups will be clustered around these ideas; if not, each group will become a working group, supported by the Tapestry team. 25 minutes

Progress in the writing groups will be reviewed at the end of the session 5 minutes