Bekaa Valley

under the patronage of the Council of Europe Related projects
Syrian refugee programme
SAWA schools, Bekaa Valley
12th December 2017

The TPIOP project is North Lanarkshire is linked, under Council of Europe patronage, to similar projects in the Middle East and Balkans. There have been regular exchanges of information, experience and creative materials between these programmes, principally through the medium of the TPIOP website. A special event was held in the Bekaa Valley on 12th December 2017 linked to the culmination of the work in North Lanarkshire. Events also took place in Rijeka and Pula in Croatia involving teams from both Croatia and Bosnia.

The Bekaa event took place in a school run by SAWA for Development and Aid near to the refugee camps. The objective was to present creative work in the areas of music, visual art and performance art related to the theme of “home”. This was a “family” event and part of SAWA’s policy of working towards a holistic intervention for refugees, using creative arts to link education to health and social care as well as to shelter and food security.

Alongside the children’s presentation, the event included a special performance from Simona Abdallah, herself formerly a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon, and the the first female solo percussion player in the Arab world.