Art and Music

The objectives of the session are to review the collage work and to proceed to musical creative work based on the collages.

The session will begin with a review of the collage work, discussion of content and how it may best be presented on the website. The team may demonstrate examples of how to design a slide show etc. 10 minutes

Following this, Tapestry team may proceed either to a) or to b). a) How do we make a musical/sound collage?
The team will play an example of environmental sound collage, for example…

and explain how and why this technique is important and frequently used for film and television 10 minutes. The team will also set up a number of computers/audio playback devices, each with an ambient sound or piece of music associated with Motherwell – trains, traffic, voices, footsteps, Motherwell football songs. The class will then be invited to experiment with structuring a sound collage, by discussion, and through a number of “conductors” (one for each sound) bringing individual tracks in and out. 15 minutes

Following these experiments, plans will be made to record original materials in Motherwell and design a sound collage. 10 minutes

b) How do we create a song from a collage?

The team will discuss how visual images may be an inspiration for music and song, using examples from the children’s collages. Are there images that suggest sound, music or song directly – e.g. a train, an image of a singer, interesting words? Are there images that have a particular quality of energy or movement, that suggest music? Are there themes in the collages that suggest the lyrics for a song? e.g. an evening at the cinema; a wide grey sky; the rainbow colours of Motherwell. Examples of approaches may be improvised, e.g. qualities of energy and movement on percussion. 15 minutes

Either by dividing into groups or working with the class as a whole, a song or songs will be created using specific collages as inspiration 20 minutes